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Just When the Caterpillar
thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly! 

JULY 3rd

WHEREVER YOU ARE ON JULY 3rd - Please light a candle, say a prayer, release a balloon, fly an extra flag to remember our Daniel on his 25th Birthday!!

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Happy Birthday In Heaven.mpg
Happy Birthday In Heaven to a Child
Cant believe, that a quarter of a century ago... a bouncy, long, and langy baby boy was born - he wanted to come and join us on this earth..he was due the 4th of July - but decided to come a day early and lay next to his mom & dad to watch the fireworks in the sky! for years to come the 4th of July started on the 3rd as we celebrated this young man's life each year..he filled it with joy, laughter, pride, amazing moments - and lots of Love - and he loved to wear the flags!! Daniel - little did we know on that july 3rd day - that you would be with us for only 20 years - but even if we knew that it would be so short..we still would have you a thousand times and love you just the same...we treasured you, we cherished you, we taught you, we raised you ...you had a beautiful life with your mom, dad, mike, & kel, family & many friends..xo

Have a Heavenly Birthday my angel son - know that for us the 4th of July weekend will always belong to you - my yankee doodle danny boy - you were so patriotic, loving, talented, smart, funny, handsome, and so tender hearted - will see you again in a perfect place - God bless us with you...we love you 4 ever..and a day..sending..Xxxoxxoxoxo (((HUGS)))) to heaven..

dan's memorial website: 


Daniel R. Battista 7/3/87-4/26/08

When I come to the end of the road
And the sun has set for me
I want to rites in a gloom-filled room
Why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little-but not too long
And not with your head bowed low
Remember the love that we once shared
Miss me-but let me go

For this is a journey that we all must take
And each must go alone.
It's all part of the Master's plan
A step on the road to home

When you are lonely and sick of heart
Go to the friends we know
And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds
Miss me but let me go.


April 26 - a horrible day 4 years ago, today
....no...this morning it was..that you went away
..how much pain you must of felt
...your sensitive heart like no one else
was just too good for this world.
 ...i wish i could of wrapped my arms around you my son,
picked you up - and showed you the sun shinning that day, 
to remind you of how much you are loved♥
 we know you did not want to exit this way, 
so soon..please wait...
you just wanted the pain to subside....
who are we to ever judge such a  beautiful soul 
for one moment in a life ...
for not one of us is perfect 
 and you are not to blamed..
and no one's to fault..
as all you wanted  - was only to love, 
but  no one was more deserving  than you  
to continue your life, your years, your youth!
 you accomplished so much 
more than anyone else does in a lifetime...
how i miss you in every single way, 
walking this earth hand in hand...
you left amazing footprints my daniel ♥ our star..
and your name - as long as i have breath
will live on and on.
for you and i have lots of work still -
as you continue to live on in our hearts,
in tista 4 life, and all the things we do to carry on! 
you remain in each sunrise, 
and in a every new horizon
....in a place that is better i am sure! 
no more crying, no more pain,
only love, peace and happiness.
 yes, i know we will be together again ...
but nothing can ever take away this pain
of not having you here..
and at that moment - when you needed someone near..
not one was there to wipe away your tears..
and now you are gone..
that is the biggest pain of all..
a pain which will not surrender - till we see you once more. 
rest peacefully...fly softly...watch over us...
for we all travel our journey..
and  when is time..at the sound of your trumpet 
i 'll be looking for you my angel son 
as  finally we will  be - both homeward bound.
 love you 4 ever, like you for always.
judy mommy batTista♥
april 26,2011

 Out of the Darkness Walk
We line up the track field
with our loved ones names on luminary bags,
right before sunrise..the most touching moments are then.
we start our walk circling around them..
in a sea of color shirts we wear their names proudly
...they are etched in our hearts forever.
some hold hands, some walk fast, some walk slow...
but together we go on...
as quickly as we begin it seems we end.
we hear the echoes in our hearts as each name is read...
we feel the release of each balloon.
we realize..we are not alone.
we can, we will, we must...continue to walk on..
one step at a time..one foot in front of the other.
a step for us..the other for them...
we do carry on somehow....
we  survive..
we walk on
for us,
 and for them
Out of the Darkness
and into the light

January 2012
In memory of Kevin & Kameron Jacobsen  

“Remember our children. Embrace our children. Let them serve as a constant reminder at this pivotal time, to accomplish this most important mission.” – Kevin Jacobsen [9/21/11 Federal Partners Bullying Prevention Summit, Washington, D

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Mariah Carey Butterfly
Here is a movie I made with pictures of some Butteflys and some Lyrics appearing in it...Hope you enjoy it!

A Butterfly came floating by,
I thought I knew its face.
It landed on my finger,
And spread its wings with grace.
I looked and saw it smiling,
...As I winked, it flew away.
I'm sure I heard it whisper
'We'll meet again one day'.
He Only Took My Hand...
Prayer for the Suicidal

Most loving and forgiving God,hear our prayers for allwho seek to end their lifeby their own hand.The despair is too great,the loneliness is unbearable,the inability to sharethoughts and feelings overwhelming,the seeming lack of options a dead end.Bless them with the strength of loveto meet each day with new courage;friendships to bring moments of joyin their days of anguish;and hope for the future.

By Vienna Cobb Anderson


Grief is an incredibly agonising human experience but also a natural reaction to loss. In life it is almost inevitable that we will experience grief and loss. Although it is a painful experience, grief is also a process that gives us strength to take on the challenges we face in life.People cope with grief in different ways. Some can overcome it relatively quickly whilst others take time to get through it. However, it is important that when those that are close to us experience grief we help them. In this article I outline ten tips for helping those close to us handle grief. 
1) DO NOT SAY YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THE PERSON FEELS:- Even if you have gone through exactly the same experience as the person who is grieving you cannot fully comprehend. As stated above, different people deal with grief in different ways so their experience will differ to yours. 
2) AVOID CLICHES:- For example do not try and tell the person that time will heal the wounds. For some people this may be true but for others the hurt will always be there. 
3) AVOID TELLING THEM TO BE STRONG:- People who are dealing with grief are very vulnerable. Telling them to be strong is an unnecessary burden. 
4) LOOK FOR SIGNS OF A PROLONGED PROBLEM:- You need to understand the grieving process and if you see signs of a long-term problem developing then aid the person accordingly. 
5) WRITE A PERSONAL NOTE WHICH DISPLAYS COMPASSIONATE KINDNESS:- Written words are permanent and can be a real source encouragement for the griever in times ahead. 
6) MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE:- Sometimes the person who is grieving just needs you to be there and offer a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.
 7) ENCOURAGE THE GRIEVING PERSON TO WRITE DOWN THEIR THOUGHTS:- This is a powerful way to get the grieving person to release their emotions and not keep them bottled up. It can be a great healing process. ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO:- People who are grieving are likely to priorities. Therefore, you can offer to do these tasks for the person whilst they grieve.
 9) UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LOSS:- Make sure you do not trivialise the loss in the words you use to communicate with the person who is grieving.
OU HAVE EXPERIENCED:- In doing this you can empathise with the person who is grieving. Whilst you are not telling them that you understand what they are going through, you are making the attempt to connect with them. When suffering from grief people often feel isolated and alone. If they choose to be alone then you should respect that. However, you should not avoid the subject completely. By disucssing it you are demonstrating that you care about the person and want to help them deal with it. Continue to be kind and compassionate. This will really help the other person get through a dark period in their life.
I Saw A Butterfly 
I saw a butterfly land near me today
It was my son telling me that he is ok  The beauty it had so pure and bright
I watched as it sparkled in the noon sunlight.
With wings full of color with reds and blues
And many more colors with vibrant hues.
Such a sight to behold so splendid yet true
Was my son's way of saying I love you
Yet beauty so soft and delicate too
Reminds you of things that start anew
My life though changed has taken a turn
For things I did not know now I must learn
Family is important I must never forget
To live life full and free of regret
Look for a sign you may never see
Just how important that butterfly can be
Poem by Robert Walter Sr.
Graphic by Rob Storms
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