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And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?  He replied, "Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end.

The Tista 4 life Memorial
was established to aide in creating suicide awareness and prevention through education, arts, support systems, mental health wellness programs, community outreach, and charitable funds
in memory of
Daniel Rocco Battista


Awarded The
2018 Danny Battista Trumpet Scholarship

The Danny Battista Trumpet Music Scholarship 
 The Danny Battista Trumpet Music Scholarship fund is administered by the St. Stephens Educational Trust Fund.
All contributions for the St. Stephens Educational Trust Fund in memory of Danny Battista are tax deductible

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February 24, 2018

We are pleased to announce that submissions are open for this year's Danny Battista Memorial Trumpet Scholarship.

Danny was an active member of St. Stephen's parish and school as well as a student at WVHS. He was one of the original members of The Warwick Youth Ensemble which was formed at the Warwick School of Music under the direction of Joseph Sardo where he played the trumpet, sang and did various performances in Orange County. At St. Stephens, Danny was part of the St. Stephens choir, with his Father Rocco and trumpet teacher Lydia VanDuynhoven. He played at funerals, weddings and took part in the music programs at school with Ms. Welch. He also performed with the Orange County Community College Band, and other venues. In addition to his love of music and playing the trumpet, he was a DJ, a self taught mechanic, carpenter, florist, chef, tee shirt designer and had various ventures and business. Danny was kind, compassionate, funny, creative, with many future plans. He died in 2008 at the age of 20. This scholarship has been set up to honor and keep alive the memory of this special young man.

Details are as follows:

Open to any child between the ages of eight through sixteen who is an Active Member of the St. Stephens Parish Community, or a Warwick, NY resident of the same age. The child must currently or be seriously interested in learning to play the trumpet.

Write a 1-2 page HANDWRITTEN essay telling us a little bit about yourself, why you want to play the trumpet and what it means to you to win this award; your active involvement in the community, helping others, church or house of worship and what do you do for creative outlets, as well as physical health, and mental well being.

The award is $500 and will be paid in monthly increments, contingent on it being used for the intended purpose of learning the instrument.


Mail to: Danny Battista Scholarship POB 605 Warwick, NY 10990.
Please include your telephone number and e-mail address. One recipient and one alternate will be chosen. Final Decision will be made by the Battista Family. Any additional questions please contact Rocco Battista at 845.325.5517 or e-mail at mott55eden@yahoo.com, or Judy Battista – 845-987-4207 or email survivoroutreach@ymail.com

Contributions are gratefully accepted. Anyone who would like to make a tax deductible contribution can do so through:
The St. Stephens/St. Edwards Educational Trust Fund --In Memory of Danny Battista
POB 605 Warwick, NY 10990.

Blessings and Gratitude, The Battista Family
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In Memory Of Danny Battista "Tista" 07-03-87 ~ 04-26-08

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Danny on trumpet 8th grade Christmas concert
in Memory or Danny Battista

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